Not A Dry Eye Over ‘This Is Us’ Father And Son Episode

(RADIOALICE) – It was inevitable. We had all seen this coming, but it still hit like a ton of bricks! If you haven’t see the latest episode of ‘This Is Us,’ then stop right here. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Tuesday’s episode titled ‘Memphis’ gave Randall Pearson (Sterling K. Brown) and his terminally ill dad, William Hill (Ron Cephas Jones) some quality time at his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. The episode gave much insight to William’s past and gave the two some much needed bonding time. Sadly, the conclusion takes William to the hospital.

There he tells Randall “I haven’t had a happy life. Bad breaks. Bad choices. A life of almosts and could haves. Some would call it sad, but I don’t, because the two best things in my life are the person in the very beginning (William’s mother) and the person at the very end,” William continues. “I’m scared.” “You’re OK, Dad,” Randall says, before channeling his adoptive father, Jack to calm William down. “You’re good. Just breathe. Come on now, breathe with me.” William takes his last breath in the hands of his biologial son.

Fans of the show took to social media to express their grief over the loss of Jones’ character. He describes to the challenge when filming this particular episode was.

“We did that first so there was no build-up to it. That was difficult, because like most people, you have someone in your family — several people in my family died from cancer and I have a good friend who’s struggling with it at the moment,” Jones said. “That was the most difficult moment for both of us, Sterling and myself. But we had such comfortability with each other, we took care of each other and it made the scene even better. As actors, we can open ourselves up and feel safe, and that’s what we did and I noticed it resonated on the screen.”

After a private screening of the episode, Jones’ admits to Entertainment Tonight “it was emotional” to watch. “I felt, probably like you felt and anyone else watching it.” Jones says. “I’m a big fan of the show too, and all the feelings hit me the same way.”

Check out Sterling K. Brown’s Facebook Live:

‘This Is Us’ can be seen Tuesday nights at 9:00 pm on NBC.

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  1. karettop says:

    This is the BEST show E V E R……………………………………………….

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