Postcards from Aulani Resort – Day 2, Part 1

Hey! Michelle from the Alice Promotions team – coming at you from Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii!

So, yesterday was Jayn’s first broadcast here, and I’ve gotta say – looking out at the ocean, smelling orchid leis, sampling the freshest island fruit (featuring hidden Mickeys) and getting visits from Disney VIPs (hey, Pluto!) is a pretty great “day at the office.”

After the broadcast, I was on the hunt for some fresh seafood! When I’m in Hawaii I tend to go overboard on mahi-mahi and poke … I just can’t help myself. Luckily I didn’t have to go far to find what I was looking for – Aulani Resort’s Ama Ama restaurant was serving up fish tacos with a side of clear blue ocean views (the dream)!

Next, I hit the beach for a bit and got caught up people watching. There were so many different activities going on! There were fitness classes, lei making workshops, storytelling around a giant fire pit, and they were setting up for an outdoor movie night (Lady and the Tramp). Seriously, any time of day, there are roughly a zillion things you can do!

I closed out my night watching the sun set over the ocean while listening to live music, out on the pool deck. Aulani Resort is stunning in the daylight, but when night hits, it is next level gorgeous. Not. Too. Shabby.

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