Postcards from Aulani Resort – Day 1, Part 2

Hey! Michelle from Alice Promotions again!

So, okay. Now that I’m in Hawaii I see just how badly I needed a dose of Vitamin D! At Aulani, the sky is so clear and the sun is so strong – I feel like I’m getting a prescription level dose of pure happiness that will carry me through the rest of the winter on the mainland!

Of course, it isn’t just the sun that is making me so happy. The level of service at Aulani is top-notch – absolutely every person who works here makes every guest feel so cared for, it feels like I’m living in a hug.

Also, gotta about my hotel room. I am not exaggerating when I say that my room is bigger than my last apartment. If I could pick it up (décor and all) and move it to San Francisco, I would in a heartbeat! It seriously has everything you could possibly need but, the wild thing is, that as much as I love my room, I’ve really only been in it to sleep because I want to spend every waking moment taking in as much of the resort as I can!

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