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Our favorite Mother-Daughter duo are as quick-witted and coffee-fueled as ever. The revival started out a little iffy (cheesy moments and a lack of chemistry), but got better and better with each “season”. This revival’s upward slant from tolerable to extraordinarily perfect was extremely real for me.


Moment: Rory trying to deliver her “happy news” at the cemetery, which does not work out as intended.

Heavy Feels: Lorelai’s phone call to Emily where she shares her favorite Richard Gilmore story, and the kitchen conversation had between Luke & Lorelai after her “Wild” trip. (Both in last “Season”)

Best Line: It’s of course delivered by the sass machine, Michel, “Now, your name is Molly? Why?”…said when interviewing someone to take over his position at the Inn.

Cameo: The “Parenthood” crew. Everyone will claim (Amber) Mae Whitman’s cameo was the greatest cameo, but I very respectfully disagree as my heart lies with (Mark Cyr) Jason Ritter’s cameo. (Adam Braverman) Peter Krause *Graham’s real-life boo* was also stellar.

Short Character Breakdown:

Lorelai: Emotional wreck w/ solid anecdotes/quips, Luke: So many plaids, Rory: Self-destructive, but lovable, Taylor: Kanye levels of cray, Logan: Womanizing turd, Kirk: Ridiculous as ever, Paris: Too much, Babette: Sally Struthers Slaughters, Jess: Best character always, inspiring, Dean: Fatherly, Christopher: Predictably whatevs, Sookie: Terrifically whimsical, Hep Alien Crew: Still shreds, Emily: Transformative and still has the harshest burns in the game.

Logan Rant: 

Dude does not deserve to be Rory’s “person”. He’s the absolute worst and if you’re #TeamLogan, we are not friends. However, I would like to be in his “click” because they do really tight stuff and dress cool and partake in debauchery, and that would be fun.


Between hearing the phrase “full circle” used in a convo between Emily & Lorelai and Rory’s visit to Christopher…I knew we were in for a Logan/Rory baby…but let’s just pray that Rory experienced her second one-night stand ever, and that her and Jess GOT IT ON. #TeamJess


Rory has a baby boy and names him Richard. Kid drinks scotch, dresses nicely.

Final Thoughts:

As someone that was extremely close with his grandfather, this revival brought back all the feels for me. And dude–Kurt annihilated those wedding decorations. My god.


Solid A. Keep ’em coming, Netflix. I love you.



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