OBSESSED: Alice In Winterland’s The Last Bandoleros!

You’ve probably heard us talking about how you HAVE to get to Winterland early, because you.cannot.miss.the.opening.band.

It’s true.

They’re called The Last Bandoleros, we’re playing their kickass “Where Do You Go?”  and we’re obsessed.  They’re a mix of … everything!?  And they RULE.

Rolling Stone called them the country act to watch (they’re so much more than country though, which is kinda the whole point of our talk… if you saw ’em on Kimmel you know that they were basically a punk band that happened to have an accordion.)

Here’s the story of how Michael Martin (the {best} boss) got us all hooked…and a reminder to get to Winterland early to see ’em.

Did I mention that you have to get to Winterland early yet?

I did?  K cool.

Check out the whole story – and how they’re kinda like country/BritPop Peter Pans here:

x Jayn

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