Luke From ‘Gilmore Girls’ Ditches Diner For Rock Stardom

Luke Danes has coffee and bacon making DOWN. Our favorite perpetually grumpy diner owner has now moved on to…blues-rock?

Should we have seen this coming? Flannel (grunge as hell), backwards cap (balding), hates cell phones, and a matching “too-cool-for-school” attitude…the answer is probably…yea.

In all seriousness, Scott Patterson (Luke) has been playing music his entire life, and only went on a hiatus for ‘Gilmore Girls’. After wrapping the revival for Netflix, Patterson had the craving to connect directly with an audience again, and so came the inception of GORDON.

Patterson’s band took the stage for the first time in July, and for now, Patterson, who writes every GORDON song, is putting music first.

Check out some snippets of GORDON here.

Oh and btw…Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premieres in 70 days, but who’s counting…

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