LOVE: Hailee Steinfeld Doing “Starving” On Seth Meyers

I don’t stand a chance against this song, it’s 100% pure pop perfection and damn if Hailee Steinfeld doesn’t nail this performance of it too…

She’s so super-sexy but she’s CUTE too and you just cannot help but love love love her.

Check out “Starving” on Seth Meyers here.


p.s. Did I tell you about that time that I (almost) literally ran in to Seth Meyers in Santa Fe, New Mexico?  We were on the plaza walking to a restaurant and he walked by us on the sidewalk going into a different restaurant.  He had a dog tucked into his jacket and the nicest look on his face.  We didn’t talk or anything, I didn’t want to bug him, but I’ve def considered us besties since then….

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