X Ambassadors Premiere Video For ‘Low Life’ Ft. Jamie N Commons, A$AP Ferg, And Starring Liev Schreiber

I love when a song and show form a perfect marriage. This is the exact case when it comes to X Ambassadors’ “Low Life” and Showtime’s Ray Donovan, which stars Liev Schreiber as a “fixer” for Los Angeles’ elite.

Donovan is a complex protagonist with a troubled past that leaves him struggling to fill a void through life in the fast lane. Dude’s basically trying to drown his sorrows in money. X Ambassadors’ song, “Low Life”, describes a very similar struggle.

X Ambassadors are on top of their game right now; their music has been showcased everywhere from Jeep commercials to DC’s Suicide Squad. Their alternative approach to true-to-rock instrumentation and soulful vocals make them one of this year’s most beloved bands. (And I’m not just saying that because I sung Limp Bizkit at their drummer’s Bar-Mitzvah).

X Ambassadors just released a deluxe edition of their stellar debut album VHS, called VHS 2.0. It features several bonus tracks such as: “Low Life 2.0” Ft. Jamie N Commons & A$AP Ferg, and a track with guitar-legend, Tom Morello, called “Collider”.

The 4th season of Ray Donovan premieres tonight on Showtime.


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