Watch Florence And The Machine Bring The Concert To A Teenage Girl In Hospice

Um. Florence Welch is freakin’ amazing.

Florence and her bandmate, Rob Ackroyd (guitarist), visited a 15-Year-Old at a Hospice in Texas after the super-fan was unable to attend her show due to her illness.

The girl had tickets to see her favorite band in concert, but the medical staff couldn’t allow for her to attend in her condition.

So, what happened next? Only the most outrageously great, stunning, heartwarming moment EVER.

With her family and besties at her side, the girl’s favorite band popped in for the most special, intimate performance.

At around the :22 sec. mark when she compliments the girl’s freakin’ all-star harmonies…I mean, c’mon! FEELS. ❤

Ready your heart for the warm fuzzies.


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