Iggy Azalea’s fans are eagerly anticipating her next album, Digital Distortion, the long-awaited follow up to her debut, The New Classic. She recently spoke with about her new song, “Team,” which documents a lot of the trolling she’s gone through since hitting the big time.

“The inspiration for ‘Team’ was just: having a belief in yourself,” she says. “I had a bit of a rough personal year, while I was creating this album. And I think my belief in my own self was really instrumental in me creating the album and deciding to come back for more. And so I really wanted that to be, thematically, what the first single was about.”

Like anyone else in the public eye, she got trolled quite a bit on social media: “I’d be shocked to hear that anybody hadn’t been bullied online, whether they were a young person or an old person. Anybody using social media has probably had their own interaction with somebody negative, and the best thing that you can do is not go back and forth with them. It’s really difficult not to try to defend yourself, it’s natural to want to do that. But those people are like vampires and they just want to suck your energy. There’s no way you can convince them to see your point of view. And it’s a really natural instinct to want to reason with somebody like you would in real life. But don’t take the bait, even though it’s really hard not to, but don’t take the bait.”

“Team” marked her first songwriting collaboration with other women: “I actually wrote the song with Bebe [Rexha] and another woman by the name of Lauren Christy. Everybody thinks I wrote it with Lil Wayne and Juvenile, but I didn’t: I just sampled a piece of music by Juvenile called ‘Back That Azz Up.’ This song was actually written by three ladies. Bebe and Lauren worked on the hook with me, and that was really fun. Because I’ve never really written with women before. I’ve done songs with them, but they always write their parts separately. This was my first time being collaborative with a group of girls. And I think I kind of liked it more than [collaborating] with the boys, they get the female perspective.”

Azalea also spoke about CBS Radio’s upcoming SPF Festival in Las Vegas, which she will perform at (Alessia Cara, Lukas Graham, Fifth Harmony, Kygo and Mike Posner are all on the bill as well). She says that she enjoys spending time in Sin City. “I really love blackjack and I’m actually pretty damn good at it. Of course, I like to spend my time making money.”

“One of my favorite memories from a trip to Vegas was when I met this crazy Japanese card-counter, we became friends and we ran around and we made like $21,000 at five differenct casinos, and then we got kicked out for having a ‘unfair advantage,’ because we were counting cards, and then we had to go gamble at the random, off-the-strip casino, and then we went to Hooters afterwards, and we bet $2,000 hands and we lost all our money in like four minutes! It was awesome!” Here’s hoping she has better luck if she plays the tables this time.


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