Krems Attempts To Find Words After Watching Beyoncé’s HBO Special ‘Lemonade’

The amount of feelings I felt after watching Beyoncé’s visual interpretation of Lemonade on HBO last night, are basically innumerable, but in case you need another reason to watch it (besides the fact that Bey is Queen), I’ll try and sum them up here for you.

First off, Beyoncé’s HBO special was HEAVY. It’s a visual album carefully constructed to hit harder than a UFC fighter with something to prove, and it did. It was powerful, impressive, dark, and beautifully honest. It felt like watching a human heart shatter, and fall to the floor in slow motion.

On top of its subject matter sending me on an unexpected emotional ride, the visual style was DOPE. Lemonade never let me let go of its pure grit and honesty; it never allowed the uncomfortable nerves in my belly to slow down, and that was in part due to its expert camera work, intense use of color, and all the feels for Bey. Every second of Lemonade demanded my undivided attention, like when I attempt basic algebra.

To be included in Beyoncé’s harrowing experience was both disturbing and amazing. I felt myself becoming scared, and I’m slowly recovering from the gut-wrenching nature of this intimate…thingy. In short, it was like sticking around to watch the fire burn this mother down.

Look I’m not dancing to “Single Ladies” alone in my bedroom at night, I’m just saying that as far as art goes Lemonade is the real deal, and Beyoncé is a force to be reckoned with (as if you didn’t know).

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