Macklemore Gets Goofy in Video for ‘Brad Pitt’s Cousin’

By Amanda Wicks

With a song title like “Brad Pitt’s Cousin,” it makes sense that Macklemore would show off his goofy side when it came time to make the video. Currently on tour in Europe, Macklemore used the opportunity to shoot a series of clips edited together to show the fun time he and Ryan Lewis are having overseas while promoting This Unruly Mess I’ve Made.

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Macklemore tweeted a link to the video, which he posted on Facebook, claiming, “My cousin Brad left his phone at my house. This is what happened.” The funny video shows a relaxed Macklemore enjoying life. He visits a spa, a bowling alley, goes snowboarding and even snaps a selfie with a large crowd in Germany. At one point, he purchases a panda costume and runs around in public giving people high-fives.

It’s a lighter side to the colorful rapper.

Macklemore is currently on tour in Europe until April 27th. Watch the hilarious and explicit video on

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