Parody ‘Full House’ Opening Nails San Francisco’s Insane Rental Market

SAN FRANCISCO (ALICE 97.3) — With the revival/continuation of the late ’80s ABC sitcom “Full House” getting relaunched on Netflix as “Fuller House,” a far more realistic title sequence surfaced Thursday showing how much things have changed in San Francisco since the original show was on the air.

The clip posted on Facebook and YouTube by AJ+, the Al Jazeera Network’s social media arm, opens with a sweeping shot of the Golden Gate Bridge with the text “Full House in today’s San Francisco” before the actual parody title “Unaffordable House” unfurls across the screen with a shot of a condo complex under construction on Octavia Street.

Instead of actors, the credits go on to list the “members” of the cast (“Rising Housing Prices,” “Artists” and “Gentrification”) coupled with some of the sobering housing statistics that have become a stark reality in the city.

Actors portraying renters, artists and the minorities driven out by gentrification initially appear on the screen as smiling, happy sitcom characters, but their expressions transform to frustration and disgust as more grim facts about the city’s current housing situation (“Median 2 bdrm rent in 1990: $975; Median 2 bdrm rent in 2015: $4,700”) scroll beneath them.

The darkly humorous clip closes with the actors stewing in a park as the credit “Created By Bad Housing Policies, Tech Boom, $4 Toast” rolls over them.


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