5 Very Crucial Updates On Netflix’s ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival

(Please read the following in the voice of the King of Sparta from the epic adventure war film ‘300’)

❤ This is NOT Dawson’s Creek. This is NOT One Tree Hill. THIS IS GILMORE GIRLS. ❤

OK. Seriously. I feel it to be my #1 priority/obligation to keep you up to speed on all things Gilmore Girls Revival.

Here are 5 new updates that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside:

1) We got our first photo from set–and the Dragonfly Inn looks to be back in business!

2) All 3 of Rory’s boyfriends are returning to Stars Hollow…But #TeamJess forever though.

3) Paris and Doyle may still be super in love and possibly married now? Yeah. They’re both back.

4) Rory’s Dad & Lorelai’s Ex, Christopher, will be returning with no hint of “Dad Bod”…

  5) Most importantly, Paul Anka (the dog) will also be barkin’ for more coffee in the Netflix Revival.

Alright, so those were just 5 quick updates…but you can also head here to check out the latest returning alum.

Listen…We MAY NOT get Sookie, but ‘Fuller House’ didn’t get the Olsen twins either…We will live. 🙂


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