*Grabs Inhaler* New ‘Gilmore Girls’ Is Happening FOR REALSIES

“If you’re out on the road”…PULL OVER NOW ‘cuz our girls are back, baby!

I love me some Gilmore Girls. Don’t believe me? Check this.

It was rumored, and now my fellow quick-witted fanatics…it is…Confirmed.

According to Netflix Press…The cast set to return thus far are: Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Scott Patterson and Kelly Bishop.

The thoughts that have been plaguing my mind regarding the Gilmore clan and Stars Hollow are the following:

1) Will there be a new generation of Gilmores?

2) Does Luke’s Diner have free wifi? Are tablets now banned too?

3) Is Rory fighting the good fight for the preservation of the printed press?

4) Does Lorelai have Snapchat? Is Emily sharing great-grandbaby pics on Facebook?

5) Has Jess become the Bob Dylan/James Dean of this day & age?

Seriously, thank you for answering our tween dreams, Netflix. My heart is happy.

Dress-Up screening party, anyone? I call dibs on the flannel & snapback hat. #TeamLuke

P.S. Lauren Graham is STOKED.


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