Watch: Rashida Jones Takes Us To The ’90s In Music Video For “Flip And Rewind”

Rashida Jones (Mega-Babe) has taken ownership of my ’90s-obsessed heart.

The exceptionally funny, Jones, linked up with her nephew that goes by the moniker of, Boss Selection (Music Producer), and just dropped a perfect video for their single titled “Flip and Rewind”.

This music video is insanely great. It’s got a majorly serious ’90s R&B style to it and I am not complaining.

I loved Rashida Jones as Ann Perkins (Parks and Rec), adored her as Celeste (Celeste and Jesse Forever), and this video has definitely solidified her extreme babedom.

Check it out below and be sure to ready yourself for all the ’90s Nostalgia Feels.

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