Krems’ Top 5 TV Shows Of 2015

2015 was a pretty insane year for Television. Netflix & Amazon put out some new gems that destroyed my life for weeks at a time. I thought it’d be cool to share my top 5 shows of the year, some honorable mentions, as well as some awesome shows coming our way in 2016. Here goes everything…(Oh, and of course, I had to use a “Dreidel” rating system… ❤

Krems’ Top 5 Shows Of 2015:

1) Master Of None (NetFlix): Genius. Relatable. FUNNY. Aziz Ansari’s dad may be my favorite person, in general, but also of 2015. (10/10 Dreidels)

2) Ray Donovan Season 3 (Showtime):  This show has gotten better and better with each season. All sorts of twists that’ll make you cringe, hurt, and yell things. Powerful performances, character development, and just super entertaining. I’m always “eat all the ice cream” sad when each season comes to an end. (9/10 Dreidels)

3) Transparent Season 2 (Amazon):  For whatever reason…I feel a lot of feelings when the opening credits roll (that song is perfection). I was able to knock out the first season in a single viewing session and the same happened for season 2 this year. This is one of the most addictive, binge-worthy shows out there right now. It also had a tinge of a “Girls (HBO)” vibe. Not a bad thing. (8.5 Dreidels)

4) Nathan For You Season 3 (Comedy Central): Nathan Fielder’s got this deadpan delivery that makes my comedy-loving heart so, so happy. I’ve never NOT laughed super hard at any given episode of this show, and the most recent season had me DYING. (Ex: Summit Ice Apparel Episode). (8 Solid Dreidels)

5) Fresh Off The Boat Season 2 (ABC): Dude. The mom on this show cracks me up. Season 2 has really solidified F.O.T.B. as one of my absolute favorites. The writing is extremely strong and so is the cast. Very impressed with the leap in greatness that this season has brought so far. (it’s not over yet). (8 Dreidels)

Honorable Mentions of 2015:

*Red Oaks (Amazon)* W/ Bob & David (Netflix)* Maron S.3 (IFC)* Broad City S.2 (Comedy Central)*

Great Things To Come In 2016:

*Gilmore Girls!!! (Netflix)* Fuller House (Netflix)* Ray Donovan S.4 (Showtime)* Shameless S.6 (Showtime)*

Thanks for reading and I’m super interested in your favorites from 2015, so be sure to “holler at your boy”.


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