Trailer: David Cross & Bob Odenkirk Return In Netflix Series ‘W/Bob & David’

I was super fortunate that a friend’s older sister recommended that I should watch ‘Mr. Show’ when I was in High School.

I fell hard and QUICK. The comedic chemistry between Bob Odenkirk and David Cross was insanity.

The legendary duo are now known for some iconic roles such as: Tobias Funke (Arrested Development) and Saul Goodman (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul).

Sure, these dudes are both amazing comedians on their own, but when together, they simply just crush/annihilate/destroy the comedy game.

For fellow ‘Mr. Show’ dweebs, this trailer for their new Netflix series, ‘W/ Bob & David’, will get you so, so pumped.

The series will be released in its entirety on Netflix, Nov. 13th. You know I’ll be watching. ❤ **Trailer NSFW (Language)**


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