Why Krems Thinks You Should Give Out Full-Sized Candy Bars This Halloween

Remember when you got your first full-sized candy bar on Halloween and you lost your mind? Don’t you want to be a part of that legacy?

And don’t you remember when someone put Sun-Maid raisins in your pillowcase and you like, still had to (begrudgingly) say, “Thank You”.

Hey guys…I wanted to lend some friendly advice to those debating what candy to buy this year, you know, to “hand out” on Halloween night. It’s simple: Full-Sized anything. I’ll tell you why…

1) All your neighbors will be super jelly of you.

2) You will be remembered for years to come. (Legend)

3) I (Krems) will personally acknowledge you via social media and/or possibly on the air.

4) Just think about the leftovers…

5) Full-Sized bars are less likely to result in a “choking hazard” lawsuit…

So ditch the raisins or other healthy alternatives this year…WHAT–Apple Slices?–NO. Shut that down, now! Go pick up some Full-Sized bars this year, gosh darn it. ❤

P.S. Emily Gilmore Forever.


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