TBT: That Day Rachel Platten Heard “Fight Song” On The Radio For The First Time (On Alice!)

Rachel Platten is literally living her dream right now….though it wasn’t an easy road to get here.

She’d wanted THAT hit her whole career, and at one low point months and months ago she thought “well, maybe it’s just not going to happen.  Maybe this is as far as I’m going with this, and maybe I have to find a way to make that OK for me.”

She went home that night and wrote “Fight Song.”  TRUE STORY.

A couple stations around the country started picking it up, and she started traveling to say hi to the first people to play it… she came to the Bay Area to say hi to us here at Alice (we were second in the country to play “Fight Song”) and while she was here, she heard “Fight Song” on the radio for the very first time anywhere.

Obviously the rest of this smash’s story is history….but for #TBT let’s look at the sheer freaking JOY on Rachel’s face (and in that little scream!)   Love that girl  xoxoxoxo  Jayn



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