Krems Remembers: Top 5 Fake Bands

Make-Believe bands are my favorite. I blame Uncle Jesse.

Often, I’ll burn a mix CD and include a fictional band. Mostly to delight my friends, but also because I genuinely like the tuneage.

Here’s My Top 5 Fake Bands.

1). Mystik Spiral – Jane Lane’s Bro’s band from “Daria”. Raw. Grunge. They make me get in touch with my inner-darkness.

2). 2GETHER – Boy Bands are…well, they’re something. And 2GETHER was the goofiest take on that something. SO GOOD.

3). Hep Alien – I mean, I gotta show some “Gilmore Girls” LOVE.

4). Zack Attack – This was the ultimate. Best friends celebrating their special bond. I love me some Zack Attack & “Saved By The Bell”, in general.

5). The Wonders – “That Thing You Do” is one of my favorite flicks ever. That being said–how amazing is this song?

Honorable Mentions: “The Beets” (DOUG),  “Jesse And The Rippers” (Full House), and “The Dreams” (California Dreams).


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