By Alyssa Pereira

Disney’s live action adaptation fever just won’t quit.

Among the numerous projects already in the works are Beauty and the Beast,” “Winnie The Pooh,” “Mulan,” “The Jungle Book” and more, and it sounds like today, we’ve got another one to add to the list. Well, sort of.

It’s not a surprise that Disney didn’t want to let “Fantasia” sit undisturbed, especially during their live action renaissance, but no one was very sure about what they would do with the 1940 animated classic.

With today’s announcement, it sounds like Disney will only adapt a portion of the film, the dark, final segment called “Night on Bald Mountain.” In the mini plot, a devil figure named Chernabog, (a “black god” in 12th century Slavic mythology) summons deceased and evil souls to Bald Mountain, forcing them to dance through the air until he throws them into the mountain’s fiery pit. As dawn approaches, an Angelus bell rings, and monks are shown walking into a ruined cathedral below.

It’s pretty dark by Disney standards.

Chernabog’s character was lauded for being Disney’s scariest representation of evil. Where many villains in stories had a human-like, sometimes merciful side, Chernabog was depicted as a terrifying creature devoid of any hope for good. It will be interesting to see how Disney portrays such a character in real life.

The film is still in the early stages of development.


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