Insane Guy Decides To Eat Entire White Castle Menu In One Sitting

You may think that because they are known for the sliders that this stunt would not be that insane.

You are wrong.

This is insane.

He may be my hero.

Greg from the YouTube channel COED, headed over to his local White Castle and ordered all 36 menu items. From sliders and fries to coffee and dessert he scarfed it all down.

The menu also contains two frighteningly named items – Chicken Rings and Fish Nibblers. What part of the chicken is the ring? But who am I to judge as I do love me some BK Chicken Fries.

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From the video it looks like it was quite the harrowing (and possibly vomit inducing) experience.

Total cost: $60.22

Total calories: 9,745


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