KFC Tray Typer Bluetooth Keyboard Lets You Type While Chowing On Fried Chicken

The maker of finger lickin’ good chicken wants to make sure you don’t get that smart phone all sticky while enjoying their fast food.

In a marketing plan launch for KFC Germany, the food trays came with a 4 millimeter thin rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard that can connect to a smart phone instead of the typical paper sheet.

“We handed out the Tray Typer with every order during the opening week of new KFC restaurants and our fans loved it.” Stated marketing plan creator Serviceplan, “Geolocated social media discussions skyrocketed and every single one of the smart paper trays was taken home.”

No word on if this technology would be economical to roll out for everyday use at KFCs but as you can see in the video below the KFC Tray Typer looks pretty cool.


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