Bay Area Developers Create App That Turns Your Siri Into Kanye West

By Alyssa Pereira

Kanye doesn’t answer to anyone these days, but with this new app, he might start listening to you. A new app, created by local Facebook employees Sid Kandan and Carlos Roque, pits Dr. West in the position of essentially being your own little cyber buddy.

Ye.i, the “perfect app to inspire your creative genius, and remind you that we are all gods,” turns an illustrated Kanye into a tiny avatar (called “Little Ye”) that spouts out classic Yeezy interview quotes and lyrics, and reacts when you click on his head or hands. And, like the Kanye we love-hate, he’ll get pissed off if you hassle him too much and exit the screen with some choice words for you.

To create the program, Kandan and Roque separated 250 choice Rated-G “snippets” and filtered them into different categories of emotions (i.e. frustration, happiness, etc.), so that when you interact with Little Ye in a certain way, he responds appropriately.

“One of the main things we had guiding us was,” Kandan told Complex, “if North were to play with this app, would it be appropriate?”



But Little Ye does more than just rap at you. He also sets your morning alarm, and help you fit otu your house for a cool little light show when you sync the app to music. In coming months, he may have even more features. But don’t ask too much of Little Ye — the autonomous avatar will promptly remind you he is a god and crash the app.

Get the app here.


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