Krems’ Teen-Drama (Dude) Krush Of The Week: Pacey Witter

When it comes to the debate of Dawson + Joey or Joey + Pacey— it’s not even close. Pacey all day, every day.

Pacey Witter is slick. He’s the John Legend of Teen-Dramas.

Sure, Dawson was the safe bet. But Pacey…well, Pacey was dangerous. Both witty and charming; he was able to win Joey’s heart. Sidenote: He also managed to land Andie and his scorching-hot teacher.

Frosted tips is always a bad idea, but not on Pacey. He made it seem semi-cool…or at very least, tolerable.

That is why today, and every day, I recognize Pacey Witter as the ultimate KRUSH on the creek. Dude Swoon. Game Recognize Game. All The Props.

To further cement Joshua Jackson’s fictional character as my ‘Krush Of The Week’…

Here’s Pacey Witter slaying at a Beauty Pageant:

 Notable Joshua Jackson Krush Roles ❤ : The Skulls, Cruel Intentions, Fringe, and The Affair


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