Genius Chef Creates A Burger Wrapped In French Fries!

Behold the French Fry Burger Bomb!

The brainchild of food blogger Kyle Marcoux – AKA The Vulgar Chef – the French Fry Burger Bomb looks to be one of those “why have I never seen this before?” food hacks.

As Marcoux states on his site, “I was originally going to call it the burger that [expletive removed] your mom, but I can’t think of a mom that could actually take this thing in the sack. So Burger Bomb it is.”

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Simply it is a cheese burger completely encased in chopped french fries mixed with cheddar cheese.

Marcoux explains how to make the French Fry Burger Bomb and it’s predecessor Burger & Fry Balls on his website

Be forewarned, there is truth in the name and The Vulgar Chef’s website contains some explicit language.

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