By Alyssa Pereira

Miley Cyrus, poster child for the quirky side of pop music, has just snapped up a sprawling 5 acre home with a 10-stable barn, a wine cellar, a pool, an outdoor fireplace, a vineyard, and the Kardashian-Wests for neighbors. With brick accents everywhere and high ceilings, it’s secluded, quiet, and gorgeous. And though Cyrus bought the pad for around $4 million, Trulia estimates it to be worth just under $3 million. Obviously that’s no petty change, but here in the Bay Area, that amount won’t get home buyers quite as far.

Just for fun, we thought we’d take Cyrus’ new digs and compare them to a whole building that went up for sale in San Francisco recently that Trulia has estimated to be worth almost the same thing, at $3.05 million. Let’s get into it, shall we? Let’s start with the property itself.

The living space:

This 21st Street building currently sits with three units, so currently there are ten bedrooms and five bathrooms (and a grocery store that presumably runs its own business). However, while fairly nice by city standards, the rooms are small and well lived-in. Here’s the living room (?) in one unit.

SF Living Room

Meanwhile, Cyrus’ new abode boasts seven bedrooms and six baths. Here’s the living room:

Miley cover

The bedrooms don’t even fairly compare. Here’s the Mission bedroom:

SF BedroomAnd Cyrus’ bedroom, complete with a fireplace:

Miley Bedroom

Now here are the kitchens, compared (and this one is going to hurt your feelings).

Here’s the Mission’s:

SF Kitchen

And here’s Cyrus’:

Miley Kitchen

But hey, that’s just the house, right? What about the neighborhood?

Here’s the outside of the Mission District building. There’s some cool graffiti, and there’s definitely some amazing food nearby, but look: it was already flagged in the near past for a housing violation, and we’re going to go ahead and guess that there might be more within the space. In addition, it’s not located in the safest neighborhood. According to the crime report, of all the legal offenses reported within a mile of the building in just the last few days (of which there are over 100), more than 30% of them were either violent or drug-related.

SF Mission

Let’s take a look at Cyrus’ home. What’s the neighborhood like? Oh, that’s right, Miley owns a horse ranch, so the home is basically the whole neighborhood.

Miley Backyard


All photos courtesy of Trulia listings.


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