Krems’ (TGIF Lineup) Krush Of The Week: Shawn Hunter

Growing up, I LIVED for the TGIF lineup. My mother, sister, and I would all watch together and just thinking about it brings back all the warm, fuzzy feelings.

My favorite show was ‘Boy Meets World‘. Why? Two words: Shawn Hunter.

Shawn taught me what ‘game’ was. The dude was slick, suave, wise, and tremendously loyal. Shawn had it rough, but we all go through challenges that test us. Surviving those challenges made him the scrappy, loyal, and lovable sidekick that he was.

I bought my first leather jacket because of Shawn Hunter. I grew my hair out long because of Shawn Hunter. And lastly, the reason why I’m such a “bad boy”…you guessed it…Shawn freakin’ Hunter.

I’d like to think that everyone has a Shawn in their life, whether it’s you or your best friend. One thing’s for sure, we’d all be damn lucky to find a bromance or galmance with someone that awesome.

Now let’s celebrate my ❤ ‘Krush Of The Week‘ ❤ by watching this video and crying:

Krems–(Shawn Hunter Mega-Fan)





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