McDonald’s Customer Uses Kiosk To Make Massive 4-Pound, $25 Double Cheeseburger

McDonald’s has rolled out a “Create Your Taste” kiosk at select locations where you can build your own custom McD’s burger and one Chicago man took it to the extreme.

The “Create Your Taste” kiosks allow you to build a sandwich with a large variety of toppings and up to two burger or chicken patties. Moshe Tamssot decided to test the limits of the machine by adding everything. I repeat, everything to his burger.

For his monstrous burger he chose:

1 artisan bun
2 quarter pound beef patties
10x bacon
10x natural sharp cheddar
10x pepper jack
10x American cheese
10x guacamole
10x jalapeno slices
10x pickles
10x grilled onions
10x crisp red onions
10x grilled mushrooms
10x tortilla strips
10x lettuce
10x tomato
10x McDonald’s Special Sauce
10x mayonnaise
10x spicy mayonnaise
10x sweet BBQ sauce
10x creamy garlic sauce
10x mustard
10x ketchup

The burger ended up costing $24.89 and according to Tamssot’s video it weighed a whopping 3.8 pounds!

Watch Moshe Tamssot go through the whole process and gaze upon his custom creation in the video below.


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