Mom Apologizes For Her Teens’ Behavior And Goes Viral

Every parent has been in that situation where your kid is having a meltdown somewhere (a fairly quiet restaurant seems to be a favorite in our household) and you ARE MORTIFIED.

You don’t want to be “that parent” with “that kid” and yet there you are, smiling and apologizing and telling yourself through gritted teeth that it’s all a phase. (Please, God)

THIS parent was mortified by bad behavior, but she wasn’t even there to witness it: her kids were behaving terribly at a theater, another parent talked to them about it, and then the kids were were awful to that parent!

A sibling tipped the mom off, and not able to just blow off what she’d heard, she went onto Facebook to try and find the parent her kids disrespected.  And of course she did and of course it went viral!  It really is a great story about parenting and the kids learning a pretty amazing lesson (and in the end, every single person handling it incredibly graciously.)

Check out the starts-as-a-feel-bad-story then turns into-a-feel-good-story here   xoxo   Jayn

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