9 Bands Who Should Play 2015 Goatchella (F.K.A. SF’s 7th Annual Goat Festival)

By Alyssa Pereira

Yesterday, we reported on the upcoming party of the decade, Goatchella (formerly known as CUESA’s 7th Annual Goat Festival).

At the time, the Festival had around 1,500 people RSVP’d to the Facebook invite, which is a pretty considerable amount for any Ferry Building Event.

However, as of this writing, for some reason, over 7,600 people are attending. In addition, there’s a Goatchella Pre-Party planned and a Change.org petition floating around to halt the Goat Fest goat killings. I guess people are just that bored.

But you know what they say: when the goating gets over capacity, add a band.

So, we’re going to help out CUESA with a few suggestions as to who should play this year’s festival.

1. “Goatye”

2. The Goat Rodeo Sessions

Alright, gotta be honest – these guys are incredible and any venue in San Francisco would be straight up lucky to have them. Between the four members, they boast an insane 25 Grammy wins (Yo-Yo Ma alone holds EIGHTEEN of them), 6 ACM Awards, 2 MacArthur Fellowships (genius grants worth $500,000), a National Medal for the Arts and a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

3. Yearling

A “yearling” is a goat who has reached a year old, so we’ve got to throw this band of the same name into consideration. They might have missed the emo-pop genre train by a few years or ten (look at that hair) but this might be their comeback…?

4. The Mountain Goats

They’re releasing a new album called Beat the Champ in a week! They could use the press, and this event is basically perfect.

5. Goat

The aptly named Swedish band Goat apparently released one of the best albums of 2012 while we weren’t looking. Plus, they’re interested in black magic too, so they can bring that new interesting element to the big goat party. Their live show involves “24/7 transcendental and beneficial activities, nudity and worship of the GREAT one” and “the love of death and awaiting the return of the horned one” so, you know, that might be fun. PLUS, they even have a song called “Goatlord”! (Maybe don’t watch this video if you’re epileptic):

6. Any one of these 70 goat-themed metal bands

No idea what any of them sound like — we don’t really want to know.

7. Creme de Chevre

How could we turn down Essex’s premiere ukelele cover band????????

8. Grizzly Goat

This Provo, UT-based bluegrass band is kind of fun, and we respect that their band pretty much began when one member who had a mandolin handed his friend said mandolin and basically just said, “Hey, here’s a mandolin.” Bonus points for that cool coonskin hat.

9. Kid Rock

Besides the fact that a “kid” is a baby goat, this just seems RIGHT, you know?

Then again, maybe they could just book this guy. He seems to know his way around a remix.


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