Weekend Magazine: Coco Style, Healing Arts, And Arts For All

Liz Saint John interviews three guests every Sunday morning covering a variety of issues and topics. She talks with representatives from Bay Area non-profit organizations, documentary filmmakers, authors, and professors. You can listen to the broadcast of Weekend Magazine with Liz Saint John every Sunday morning from 6:00am-7:00am.

1.San Francisco author CW Gortner writes  historical Renaissance fiction, including the novels The Last Queen, The Confessions of Catherine de Medici, and the The Queen’s Vow. His new novel is more modern, focusing on the life and work of Coco Chanel. He talks about her upbringing, her start in the fashion world, what she did during WWII, and the inspiration for her styling and her perfume, Chanel #5. Listen to the podcast here.

2.Talking Story: One Woman’s Quest to Preserve Ancient Spiritual and Healing Traditions is the new book from author-filmmaker Marie-Rose Phan Le. She also produced a companion documentary. Phan Le traveled around the world, interviewing and filming healers from different traditions. Listen to the podcast here.

3.The California Arts Council advances the state through the arts and creativity in our schools and communities. Donn Harris is the new Chairperson of the California Arts Council. He’s also the Director of the Oakland School for the Arts. Listen to the podcast here.

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