California Hacker Tweaks Tinder, Causes Straight Males To Unintentionally Flirt With Each Other

By Alyssa Pereira

Tinder, for all its problems and misogyny, sure can be a source of entertainment.

A forum built for the thirstiest of us, Tinder allows users to shamelessly (key word) flirt with each other via a messaging option. What could go wrong?

Lots, actually. A programmer in California who managed to mess with the app’s API hacked it in such a way that a bunch of straight males ended up flirting with each other.

Here’s how it worked: the hacker (who, for obvious reasons prefers to remain anonymous) created two female “bait” profiles with fake images (one of which used a photo from a friend of his)and then unleashed them. Within minutes, heterosexual males swiped right and were matched with one of the bait profiles. Then, rather than chatting with the men as one of the female profiles, the hacker linked the male suitors to each other. Basically, they believed they were speaking with the woman in the photo, when actually they were talking to another straight male who thought the same thing.

Hilarity ensued.

His first idea was to create a bot that tweeted every first message a female friend received (genius), but went with this idea instead.

See more tweets here at Verge.

(h/t Verge)


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