The Fast Foodie: KFC Pot Pie

The pot pie, the taste bud scorching delight of my youth, is now available at KFC as part of their recently launched $5 Fill Up meals. Five bucks and hot and ready … I was sold on the idea.

I ordered and minutes later was handed the pot pie. Minutes! Not the the hour long wait I experienced all my life!

KFC describes their Pot Pie as:

“Tender pieces of the world’s best chicken, diced potatoes, green peas and carrots in a savory home-style sauce. Covered with a flaky, buttery crust and freshly baked to golden perfection. It’s a classic.”

Crust was buttery and flaky with the added bonus of wrapping over the edge to create a slightly thicker crust pieces. Personally, those pieces were always one of my favorite parts of pot pies – allowing the quintessential experience of taking those extra crunchy bits and dipping them in the pot pie sauce. The filling itself was just as advertised with a well proportioned mixture of sauce, chicken, and vegetables. The added bonus is that the pot pie has just a hint of the KFC original herbs and spices.

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The idea that KFC has been able to create a flaky and evenly cooked pot pie on demand seems to defy the laws of cooking. In their own words the pot pie is “freshly baked to golden perfection.” Which it actually was but as a seasoned pot pie veteran I am dumbfounded. Even the fine people over at Stouffers not been a perfect the quick baked or the microwavable pot pie. How can KFC do it and be so nonchalant about it?

KFC’s pot pie wizardry solidifies the widely held thought (okay just by me) that the Colonel was not a honorary Kentucky title but his rank in a vast alien army. For years they have laid in wait waiting to enslave humanity. Secret herbs and spices or an ingenious plot to fatten the population for harvest?

Dear KFC and Colonel Harland David Sanders,

I welcome you and your people as my new extraterrestrial masters. Please keep the flaky pot pies, bisciuts, and mash potatoes coming.

That being said, I give the KFC Pot Pie 4 and 1/2 Coronaries.

4 Coronaries


Nutritional Info
Calories Carbs Fat Sodium Protein
KFC Pot Pie 790 66g 45g 1970mg 29g
Chocolate Chip Cookie 160 21g 8g 85mg 2g
Pepsi 16 oz 200 56g 0g 40mg 0g
Total Meal 1150 143g 53g 2095mg 31g



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