Women have been doing Kegels to strengthen their pelvic floor – especially post childbirth – for eons, as a solution to everything from incontinence to lower libido. They are child’s play for Kim Amani. She posits, “Most women have numb, under-functioning vaginas,” and her vaginal strengthening technique is the solution.

Anami’s exercises are more like weight-training for athletes, promising enhanced sexual energy, increased orgasmic pleasure for both partners, and a vagina as powerful as a miniature human cannon.

On her website Anami asks, “Can you shoot ping pong balls with your vagina? If you can’t you aren’t alone. Ninety-nine percent of women haven’t mastered this essential life skill.”

Essential? Ask the thousands of women who have followed her online course. There’s an entire section on her website devoted to videos and testimonials from women (and a few men) who have learned from her. She calls them ‘love letters.’ Anami offers salons and e-courses, and has organized retreats and intensive workshops in Bali and Mexico for both sexes.

Her weight-lifting technique uses a jade egg inserted into the vaginal tract, to which she ties objects of varying size, shape and weight. She herself can lift 10 pound objects and once lifted an entire surfboard. Type her hashtag #thingsIliftwithmyvagina on Twitter and you’ll find her and other fully clad women in various poses lifting everything from weights to melons, even an Oscar statuette.

Vaginal weight-lifting has been practiced in Asia for years, but remained largely confined to kinky sex shows and back-alley bars. Anami scoffs at the idea that what she is teaching is too provocative, preferring to focus on the educational aspect of. In an interview with The Independent she said, “I want to have fun and want it to be playful but it’s also providing an education about a really serious issue which is urinary incontinence in women, pelvic organ prolapse, lack of sexual pleasure, lack of orgasm. There’s some really serious stuff that’s going on.”


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