By Alyssa Pereira

Happy Friday Bay Area! Welcome to the weekend.

Just in case you got too wrapped up in your work to keep up the the week’s biggest stories, we’ve compiled them right here, just for you.

So crack open a beer or steam some hot cocoa (it’s cold out there!) and read on:

Apple Is About To Release New, Racially-Diverse & LGBT-Friendly Emoji

In a long overdue update to iOS, Apple, in conjunction with the Unicode Consortium, is adding new Emoji images of racially-diverse faces and hands, as well as LGBT-friendly family makeups.

Everybody Wants To Know What Song Was #1 On The Day They Were Born

A site we recently uncovered allows you to figure out what song was at the top of the charts on the day you were born, as long as you were born after the year 1900. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can also see what song was popular on the day you were conceived too.

Bonnie & Clyde Llamas Flee The Grasp Of Their Oppressors In A Daring Escape

White Llama and Black Llama have since been captured, but for a brief afternoon, two llamas kept the country on the edge of their seats while they trampled down streets and hid in empty parking lots (llamas are terrible at hiding) in a wild attempt at liberty. Then, they got tired and probably kind of hungry and just gave up.

Are Any Of These Acts An Outside Lands Headliner This Year?

The Outside Lands lineup may not be announced anytime soon, but we already have some speculations, because of course we do.

What Color Is This Dress? (It’s Blue)

Ugh, we’re already so sick of talking about this weird Twitter-fueled phenomenon, so, if you don’t already know what #TheDress is all about, click the link above.


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