A Manilow-Tastic Throwback Thursday

No shame in the Manilow Game!

True story:  I fell wildly in love with Barry Manilow’s songs when I was 7.

Like, I joined his Fan Club love.

We were stationed in Germany at the time (Army brat!) and my parents informed me that Barry himself was going to be playing a show in Frankfurt.   (die)

The bad news was, the show was on Halloween – or shall I say, my parents *thought* that was bad news. They thought that I, as a seven year old, would be torn between trick-or-treating and going to see Barry.

Not so much.  I loved Barry so much that even Halloween – the Second Greatest Holiday on Earth – was no competition.  So my friends all went trick-or-treating, and I sat wayyy in the back of an arena in Frankfurt, crying through the entire Barry Manilow show.

The love never faded,  so cut to 1995!  I was doing mornings at the Edge in Phoenix and found out Barry was going to play there. I wrangled my way backstage and got to do an interview with him (told him the Halloween story of course) and we discussed the fact that my blue-highlighted hair was, as he put it, “the same color as my blazer!!” (BLESS.)


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