Five ‘House Of Cards’ Spoilers We Know From The Netflix Leak

By Alyssa Pereira

In case you missed it, a glitch in the system (or an intern’s mistake, who knows) caused the entire Season 3 of “House of Cards” to hit Netflix over two weeks too early.

It was only online for about half an hour, but a few people snagged the episode summaries, and even watched a bit of the show before it was pulled.

Thanks to those heroes, we have a bit of insight as to what the new season will hold. Here are a few of those spoilers.

Obviously, what follows may spoil season points for you, so don’t read any further if you hope to be surprised!

1. Russia is holding an American prisoner hostage, causing Frank and Claire to travel to Moscow on his or her behalf. The Prime Minister looks a little too much like current Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

2. There’s a big hurricane on the East Coast, which makes for an interesting plot point. Underwood, a merciless character, will be forced to fake a bit of empathy.

3. Clair, who dyes her hair brown (!) will have something to do with the United Nations—she’s likely looking to land a job there. She appears to use this position to help pacify conflict with Russia.

4. After Rachel Posner beat the crap out of Douglas Stamper last season and left him for dead, he somehow survived and is in a coma.

5. There’s a conflict erupting in Jordan, and Claire gets “disturbing news” about it.

Read more plot summaries here.

“House of Cards” premieres in full February 27.


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