A ‘Simpsons’ Play Is Coming To SF And Will Get Custom-Designed Donuts And Beer Too

We hope you’ve got some comfortable shoes handy, because you might be doing some standing soon to get your tickets to a Simpsons-themed play coming San Francisco’s A.C.T. Theater later this month.

However, the play isn’t a straightforward Simpsons Movie-type show:

In a post-apocalyptic Northern California, a group of strangers bond by recreating the infamous “Cape Feare” episode of The Simpsons. From this fortuitous meeting, distant memories of “Marge” and “Homer” become the basis for shaping a new society as the play travels decades into the future.

So basically, the show is paying a dark homage to the classic animated show.

In any event, it seems to be a hit with critics, and it has spurred a very awesome partnership with the Mission’s Dynamo Donuts and the nearby Bartlett Hall. According to SF Weekly, Dynamo will be churning out hot, fresh replicas of the classic “D’oh Nut”, made to look like the pink treat Homer is always noshing on. Made of orange zest cake with raspberry Belgian-style beer glaze with sprinkles, you’ll want to get your hands on these even if you’re not heading to the show.


In addition, the nearby Bartlett Hall made a German Kolsch called Burns’ Brew that the theater will sell during the shows.

For more information on the theater event, head to the A.C.T. website.

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