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Krems (who you know and love from nights, weekends and sometimes week -right here on the Alice) and I have a mutual obsession with the show “Parenthood.”

Don’t even get me started.

The fact that it’s ending Thursday night is NOT OK and we felt the need to compare notes, preceding our heartbreak, as to what we think might happen. My talk with my guy Krems is here…  ❤  Jayn

Here’s the breakdown of Krems’ thoughts on where the cast might end up (in our imaginations) and, of course, a list of suggested shows to fill the void:

Krems’ Top 5 Parenthood Finale Predictions:


1)  Crosby and Jasmine keep The Luncheonette and turn it into a Recording Studio/ Dance Studio (for Jasmine).

2)   Ryan makes an appearance…sends a letter…something, ANYTHING, PLEASE!

3)   Haddie returns for Sarah’s Wedding and shares a moment with Zeek that will shatter our hearts.

4)   Joelia talk about renewing their vows during Hank and Sarah’s wedding.

5)   Hank and Sarah get married at the old Braverman home in that beautiful yard.


What Happens To The Cast After The Show:


1) Zeek gets two new hearts that both work super well. I’m in denial.

2) Drew and his lady friend decide to study abroad in Paris.

3) Crosby sells his motorcycle and takes his family to “Harry Potter World”.

4) Joelia remain the world’s most attractive couple.

5) Amber sings the most beautiful lullabies to her baby OF ALL TIME.

6) Adam and Kristina host the weekly family dinner.

7) Sarah leaves Hank for Mark.


Shows To Fill The Void: 


1) Gilmore Girls (Netflix)

2) Friday Night Lights (Netflix)

3) Beverly Hills, 90210 (Netflix)

4) Dawson’s Creek (Netflix)

5) One Tree Hill (Netflix)

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