Starbucks Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccinos Are A Thing…In Australia

It might be chilly here in the Bay, but that means it’s summer Down Under.

To celebrate, the coffee chain’s Aussie franchises rolled out a specialty make of the trademark Frappuccinos.

It’s not available in the States, as Mashable reports, but it sounds so good we’re just about to actually try a new Pinterest recipe to see if we can make it ourselves.


The drink was introduced around Asia last summer, and blew up when a Reddit user reportedly posted an image of a “Cheese” flavored syrup (meant here as more of a sweet cream than a “cheese”).

Unfortunately there are no immediate plans to unleash the new beverage upon U.S. soil, but never say never! The company might look to expand the drink to the U.S. this summer (we hope?).


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