Fremont, California Tops List of Best Cities For Empty Nesters

While approximately zero people would spout the word “affordable” as first thought when describing the Bay Area, not having kids (at least yet) makes residences a bit more attainable for young up-and-comers in Northern California. surveyed who under 50 is looking to downsize from large homes to smaller urban spaces, and as you might be surprised to hear, the list topper is right here in the Bay Area.

Fremont, California meets the criteria for an enviable “Empty Nest” residence, thanks to its “warmer climate, easy access to travel and affordable living.” Not to mention, it also resides within range of Silicon Valley, Oakland and San Francisco, so cultural hubs and business centers are just a short(-ish) drive away.

All cities considered were within 30 minute of airports, and reported low crime rates and decent median rental prices compared to median salary.

Check out the full list here:

Top 10 Cities for Empty Nesters over 50:

1. Fremont, California
2. Colorado Springs, Colorado
3. Huntington Beach, California
4. Scottsdale, Arizona
5. Riverside, California
6. Irvine, California
7. Torrance, California
8. Manchester, New Hampshire
9. Henderson, Nevada
10. Chandler, Arizona


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