What Was Up With That Random-Rock-Star Cameo In “Wild”?

I loved loved loved the movie “Wild” (and I hope/think Reese Witherspoon is going to take home some awards for her truly great performance.)

It’s a really emotional movie, and being a crier that means I went to The Ugly Cry about three or four separate times.  One part, though, made me smile in a pleasantly-surprised “what the hell?!” way…that would be Art Alexakis‘ cameo!

I made a mental note during that scene to investigate why Art from Everclear was the tattoo artist in the movie, but then that mental note was erased by all the crying and I totally forgot after the movie to Google it.   So I was so happy to see Newsweek’s tweet just now,  saying that they’d been wondering too!  And they called Art himself to ask what the deal was (probably a better way to get the info than Googling “why in the hell was Art Alexakis in “Wild”)

It’s a great talk with Art – I love that he didn’t even realize he knew Cheryl!   ❤ Jayn

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