By Alyssa Pereira

Whew! It was a merry week in the Bay Area, and there were lots of things that happened that you might have missed while you were holiday prepping.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here are the week’s biggest stories, from a very bad Santa to a very good dog named Derby.

The FBI Has Concluded That North Korea Stuck Its Nose Where It Didn’t Belong

While we were all busy being entertained by the Sony hack, the FBI has done some investigating and has concluded that North Korea was behind it. Maybe we should get the 21 Jump Street/Men In Black team on the case. I hear that that might be a thing.

A Very Bad Santa Robbed A Bank During SantaCon, There Arose Such A Clatter

A man dressed in the traditional Kris Kringle garb this last Saturday during San Francisco’s SantaCon festivities quietly robbed a bank on Sutter Street. Predictably, the city found this hilarious, but the SFPD did not. They’ve released the photos of his poorly bearded face, and you can help ID him.

The Storm Is Still Gnarly

Yeah, yeah. California needs water. We know. The drought is so bad, you guys. This rain, though, is just not letting up and we’re starting to get cabin fever. Roberta Gonzalez took to Alice@97.3 to talk about the deal with this crazy weather, and what we can expect for the holidays.

Derby, The World’s Happiest Dog, Got Even Happier When A 3D Printer Made Him Prosthetic Legs

A dog born with underdeveloped front limbs had been abandoned in a pound when his new owner found him. His new caretaker, however, felt that just adopting him wasn’t enough. She managed to get little Derby custom-designed 3D-printed legs, so now Derby can run and play just like the other dogs. CUE THE TEARS!

Sriracha Beer Is A Thing, We Have Feelings About It

Rogue Ales is selling the only Sriracha-flavored beer in California. Rogue Ales happens to be down the street from our offices. The way we saw it, it was fate. We tried the beer ourselves, and handed it off to a couple radio DJs to hear their thoughts. Could you handle the heat?


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