The Buzz: The VS Fashion Show, Lots Of Rain And Protesting, And A Pirate Ship For Sale!

By Alyssa Pereira

Happy weekend Bay Area! We know it can be tough getting back to work after a holiday, but you did it! Give yourself a pat on the back. You rule.

In case you were too cranky and/or sleepy to keep up with the news this week, we put together a list of some of the week’s biggest stories. Check them out below.

There Was A Whole Lot Of Rain This Week, In Case You Weren’t Aware

Yeah, we know the rain is annoying for the commute and holiday shopping (and protesting, if you’re out there pounding pavement), but you know full well that it is extremely helpful to our sad, drought-plagued state. Thankfully, there are a few bars in San Francisco where you can cozy on up next to a fireplace and sip something to warm the bones.

There Was Also A Whole Lot Of Protesting

Speaking of protesting, there was some of that too. People again flocked to the streets in San Francisco and Oakland following the #FergusonDecision. Since then, things only took a turn for the worse, when just this week no charges were filed against a white NYPD police officer who was caught on tape choking a black man to death.

Some Hero In Brisbane Is Selling A Pirate Ship

In case someone wants to be the greatest holiday gift giver in the history of the Earth, a local pirate-turned-selfless-saint is selling his bonafide pirate vessel. Presumably, he wants to help some other lucky soul to use it to pillage, plunder, or just play some piano and drink rum. “Yo ho ho.” – Pirate Santa

A Gazillion People Have Been Taking Instagram Photos At Disneyland

Congrats Disneyland fans: you’ve just had a hand in making the Happiest Place on Earth also the most Instagrammed Place on Earth. The honor comes after beating out locations like Yankee Stadium, and surprisingly, a bunch of malls in Asia…?

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Is Going To Air Next Week And Everyone Is Pretty Excited…

…That is, except Ariana Grande, who was nearly clotheslined by an Angel’s wings. Other than that though, everyone had a heavenly time, including Taylor Swift, who got to share the runway with noted BFF Karlie Kloss. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs on CBS December 9.


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