By Alyssa Pereira

Happy Friday Bay Area!

If you’ve been spending your day shopping away, you might not be up to date on this week’s happenings.

Here are all the biggest stories of the week, from a bunch of new movie trailers to unrest in Ferguson (and in Oakland), Thanksgiving and more!

Check them out below.

This Is How Much Interns In The Tech Industry Are Making

Holy wow, unless you are one, you can probably not even believe how much coding interns are bringing in every paycheck at tech companies (many of which are in the Bay Area). It’s enough to make you consider going back to school to code. Seriously.

The Ferguson Verdict Causes Protests, Unrest Across The United States

Yikes. The country is torn following the Ferguson decision, and protests are underway everywhere, but particularly in Oakland, where demonstrators are blocking highways, handcuffing themselves to BART, and generally going far out of their way to get people’s attention.

A Whole Lot Of Movie Trailers Came Out This Week, Including Star WarsJurassic World and More

There are a whole lot of fun films coming out in the next year or so. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are going to get in on some dinosaur brawls, Hugh Jackman is unrecognizable as Blackbeard, and the legendary rebel trio of Luke, Leia and Han are back once again. Check out the most recent trailers here.

Thanksgiving and Black Friday Were Chaos, Just Like They Always Are

If you’re in the camp that loves to hit the stores early on Black Friday, the maelstrom of shoppers may not have been such a shock to you, but for some, the craziness is truly something to behold. Some shoppers even stripped down to get some free duds in one Union Square shop. Worth it? Guess they thought so.

San Franciscans Are Willing To Wait In Long Lines For Omelets And Other Stupid Things

San Francisco patrons sometimes seem like a different breed. Some of them cannot stand waiting for their iPhone Safari page to load, but will gladly spend two hours waiting for a good brunch. How good can eggs really be, you know?


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