#BlackoutBlackFriday Activists Handcuff Themselves To Train, Shut Down BART

According to KCBS, a group of local protesters have halted BART service today by linking arms to keep the train doors from closing.

Around 10:30 am this morning, protesters opposing the Ferguson decision handcuffed themselves in a chain from the bar inside the train to the station bench at the West Oakland station. Protesters are also rallying outside the station.

According to KCBS, they are vowing to stay there for at least four hours to pay tribute to the amount of time Michael Brown had reportedly been in the street after Ferguson officer Darren Wilson shot him.

BART has released a statement announcing a major systemwide delay. In the meantime, a shuttle bus is in place.

Rally outside #bartlockdown #blackoutblackfriday https://t.co/G55ueYKatS

— Julia Carrie Wong (@juliacarriew) November 28, 2014

Riot cops in the station, which is gated now #BARTlockdown #BlackoutBlackFriday pic.twitter.com/VLq4QBCdFv

— Julia Carrie Wong (@juliacarriew) November 28, 2014

Chanting at #BARTlockdown #blacklivesmatter #blackoutblackfriday https://t.co/VokkxdQvqO

— Julia Carrie Wong (@juliacarriew) November 28, 2014

west oakland Bart is currently being shutdown by #Blackoutcollect #Ferguson #MichaelBrown #BlackFriday pic.twitter.com/2e4tuU26P1

— Emani Alyce (@emanithegoddess) November 28, 2014

For more details head to KPIX.


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