Six Responses From Local Musicians To The Ferguson Ruling

It’s a sad day in America regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum.

Rioters tore apart Ferguson last night, and the city is clashing with their own police force.

Activists, athletes, actors and musicians in the public eye have been reflecting on the ruling to not indict Darren Wilson, a local white police officer for the shooting of unarmed black Missouri teen Mike Brown.

Here are some responses from local musicians and artists on Ferguson, the riots in Oakland, and escalating police brutality.

MC Hammer

My Prayers for the Parents of #MikeBrown We grieve with you. This is a word but not the last word. We stand with You. Pursuing Justice. 🙏

— MC HAMMER (@MCHammer) November 25, 2014


K. Flay

injustice persists. very compelling piece on the non-indictment —>

— k.flay (@kflay) November 25, 2014


Keyshia Cole



@sirprinceolu: 22 years later, and never more relevant than today. #BlackLivesMatter @E40 @blegit72 @shotrecords” 💯

— E40 The Game spitter (@E40) November 25, 2014


Blackbird Blackbird


— Blackbird❤Blackbird (@BLCKBRDBLCKBRD) November 25, 2014



Darren Wilson testimony pg 195 on. Note subtleties in language in his account of their dialogue. Very hard 2 believe

— Ricky Reed (@Wallpaper) November 25, 2014


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