Here Is New Zealand’s Answer To The NYC Catcalling Experiment

By Alyssa Pereira

Earlier this week, a video chronicling the persistent catcalling that comes with being a woman in a big city. It went viral, fast.

Many people had ready responses, like comedian and CNN guest Amanda Seales. “I think that guys letting you know that they would be interested in sleeping with you [think] that that is a compliment, [but] actually,” Seales said, “it’s really just objectifying me when I’m trying to walk in my daily life.”

Not all were so quick to agree with Seales (as you can see in the CNN video), however, it is still a prevalent concern in the United States.

Where is catcalling is much less of a problem? New Zealand, apparently.

The New Zealand Herald put the catcalling experiment in their own backyard, recruiting model Nicole Simpson to walk around Auckland in the same fashion that Hollaback! experimenter Shoshana Roberts did in New York City.

The results were very different.

Only two men spoke to Simpson during the entire experiment (a far cry from the 108 catcalls Roberts reported receiving). One man apologized to Simpson for getting her attention, though it did look like he was hitting on her; the other asked for directions.

So basically, America, let’s get our act together?


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